10 hotel packages offering sauna and spa benefits

In the summer vacation season, domestic hotels will introduce a room package that includes a sauna and spa to recharge their tired bodies and minds.

Mercure Ambassador Ulsan Hotel

Mercure Ambassador Ulsan Hotel remodeled the sauna this year. The sauna of the Mercure Ambassador Ulsan Hotel, facing Gangdong Mongdol Beach on the east coast of Ulsan, is located on the fourth floor above the ground and offers panoramic ocean views. In particular, you can enjoy the sauna with water quality equivalent to actual hot spring water by using the nanogen shower filter for the first time among Ulsan hotel saunas.

Mercure Ambassador Ulsan Hotel will showcase the “Shining Solo at Mongdol Beach” package, which will be available until August 26. The package is a concept that allows you to stay alone and heal, and includes a night in a △ Superior room △ 1 welcome drink △ 1 can wine △ 1 breakfast △ fitness and sauna.

EVIS-Style Ambassador Myeongdong

Ibis Style Ambassador Myeong-dong will showcase a room package that includes a tropical private spa under the concept of “an overseas resort to meet in the city.” Ibis Style Ambassador Myeong-dong, Seoul, has a special open-air sauna facility. You can have a relaxing healing experience in the city through Namsan View at a glance. Depending on the day and night, you can enjoy a different Namsan View Open Spa.

The ‘Tropical sauna and spa’ package is available in two options. If you are looking for a product that allows you to spend a cozy time with your lover, you can choose a product that includes a △ Standard Room △ Tropical Private Open Bath 3 hours pass △ Champagne △ Fruit Platter, and a product that is perfect for spending precious time with friends or family.

Sophitel Ambassador Seoul

Sofitel Ambassador Seoul will showcase a “Relax the French Way” room package designed to heal your tired body and mind with spa and dining.

“Sophitel sauna and spa by Bottevial,” which uses the products of France’s best authentic sauna and spa brand Biologique Recherche, can relieve old fatigue by leaving it to a two-person treatment program (60 minutes) provided by a professional terrapist who has learned techniques from the French headquarters.

Rolling Hills Hotel

The Rolling Hills Hotel in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, operates a “Rolling sauna and spa Package” where you can enjoy healing relaxation with a hotel and spa surrounded by abundant nature.

The package includes one night in a standard room and one (60 minutes) use of the “The Spa” program in the hotel. In the case of the spa program, you can choose from one or two options and receive one of body, face, or hair care. In addition, breakfast buffet and indoor swimming pools and fitness centers where you can see the abundant forest are included, so you can enjoy a more relaxed rest.

AC Hotel by Marriott Seoul Gangnam

AC Hotel By Marriott Seoul Gangnam is offering additional sauna benefits to all room products except Superior until December 31.

The AC sauna runs from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. to help recharge the guest’s body and mind, and consists of an infrared emitter to enhance body cell efficiency and activate the body’s nervous system. Meanwhile, Sauna & Fitness can also be found on membership.

Jeju Shinhwa World

Jeju Shinhwa World will hold a 1+1 promotion until August 31 to commemorate the opening of the Tamora Jjimjilbang. This promotion will be held for guests of “Jeju Shinhwa World Somerset” and will be presented one free of charge per ticket.

Tamora Jjimjilbang consists of three jjimjilbangs, including a loess room that comforts the body, a fragrant cypress room, and a charcoal room that is good for detoxification, and a media room where you can watch broadcasts on your personal monitor on a comfortable sofa, and a kids room for children.

The Plaza Hotel

Plaza Hotel presents a “Relax sauna and spa” package that can heal your tired body and mind.

The package includes △ Plaza Suite 1 night △ Sparkling Wine 1 bottle △ Club Lounge 2 people pass △ The Bell Spa Treatment (120 minutes for 1 person or 60 minutes for 2 people) △ Fitness Club benefits.

Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel

Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel will showcase a “Stay Well, Luxury” room package that will fill your tired body and mind until December 31. The package accommodates high-rise club rooms overlooking the colorful Songdo International City and can use all of Sheraton Fitness’s businesses.

The Sheraton Club, which was newly renovated in May this year, consists of a fitness center, an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, and an indoor golf practice range in Central Park View, and is located on the sixth floor of the hotel. In addition, you can enjoy the △ “Healing sauna and spa Treatment” during your stay, which helps with waste accumulated in your body, toxins, and blood circulation, and includes benefits from using the △ Club Lounge for two breakfasts at △Fist Buffet Restaurants.

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul is operating a “Ridis Cover Seoul” package that includes a Korean sauna. For three consecutive nights or more of the package, benefits such as free use of the △Sauna Adult △Fitness Club and Golf Zone △Indoor Swimming Pool are basically provided, and additional signature scent candles of △Four Seasons Hotel Seoul are provided.

Meanwhile, the Four Seasons Club Seoul’s , which is considered the best in terms of facilities and services among domestic hotel saunas, is available for a fee. Sauna and baths of different temperatures and sizes are available for customers to choose according to their tastes, such as cold, hot, hot, hot, dry and wet saunas, and sleeping rooms, and single-person showers are also available for more private use.

Westin Chosun Seoul

Westin Chosun Seoul will introduce the “Relaxing Getaway to V Spa” package. The package includes a night in a junior suite or executive suite △ room and a two-person ticket to △ “V Spa” △ Aria Buffet Breakfast △ Cocktail Hour △ Sauna benefits in the club lounge.

Meanwhile, ‘V Spa’ introduces premium anti-aging care from Swiss beauty brand Valmont. You can choose between Soft & Smooth Body Care or V Touch Body Care to experience VSPA’s specialized programs for 50 minutes. The spa pass can be used during the stay or after making a reservation in advance within one month from the check-in date.

Gangnam King anma (강남 킹안마)

kinganma gangnam

GangnamCoupleMassage Unique Date Gangnam King anma (강남 킹안마), a heartfelt treatment great!!

Gangnam King anma (강남 킹안마), a shop specializing in Gangnam couples massage, said that the therapists from the hotel are taking care of them from one to ten, and they are also doing special care such as herbal ball, whole body oil body care, and detox therapy.

According to the explanation of the Gangnam Couple Massage official, “As a representative of Korea, the mass media is also paying attention as a casual Gangnam massage brand. In addition, it is an eco-friendly spa that delivers sincere devotion to each and every customer so that celebrities such as well-known broadcasters, actors, singers, and sports stars come often,” the official emphasized once again.

Gangnam King anma (강남 킹안마) said that it is most suitable for those who need systematic health management due to irregular life. .

Currently, as a Christmas event in progress, the Christmas Solo Event Traditional Thai Food Management KRW 56,000, Thai Herb Ball Management KRW 78,000, and Deep Tissue Aroma Therapy KRW 89,000 are offered. Natural organic organic oil Whole body couple care (90 minutes) 150,000 won, Romantic royal couple therapy (120 minutes) 180,000 won An unconventional discount price means that the management is as delicate as a VIP.

Gangnam King anma (강남 킹안마), who is also running an early bird half price discount event, said that for groups of 4 or more during the year-end and New Year holidays, a 10% discount on all menu items, cash/card is the same, and up to 10 people can manage it at the same time.

Gangnam Couple Massage Gangnam King anma (강남 킹안마) conveyed the meaning that it is the philosophy of natural Gangnam massage to prepare an indoor environment so that you can always relax in a refreshing and comfortable space, and even treat you as a VIP with the heartfelt treatment of a well-trained professional therapist. Linda repeatedly emphasized and conveyed the meaning.

He also added, “On weekends, a lot of people visit to enjoy couples and unique dates, so reservations are always essential.”


The King Massage

The King Massage

king massage at Gangnam Station, which specializes in pain management and hand therapy

Recently, many people complain of modern diseases such as turtle neck, pelvic twist, and back pain due to frequent smartphone use and long-term sitting life. It is important to manage these pain early on.

Gangnam massage shop “강남킹안마” is a 1:1 customized body type management center that takes care of the twisted body balance in the right direction along with the coolness and freshness of the body. Among a total of three programs, intensive therapy, balance therapy, and top balance therapy, you can choose according to your body condition and desired parts.

According to King Massage, intensive therapy is good for those who want intensive massage in specific areas such as neck, waist, and pelvis. The overall imbalance and pain can be grasped through balance therapy. For those who feel an hour short due to their chronic body, intensive therapy, balance therapy, and top balance therapy are recommended. A customer who visited “King Massage” said, “I’ve been to several massage shops, but there’s no place like this,” adding, “I was able to feel the change in my body even while being cared for by explaining carefully from head to toe for 60 minutes.”

In a re-visit rate survey conducted by “King Massage” on the third anniversary of its opening, the re-visit rate was 81%, the highest in the industry. An official from “King Massage” said, “I feel proud and grateful to be recognized as a trusted and revisited company,” adding, “We will continue to do our best to refresh our customers’ mornings.”

King Massage, which specializes in pain massage, is located 5 minutes’ walk from Gangnam Station. Business hours are open 24 hours a day and are open on a reservation basis.

ace massage 에이스안마

ace massage 에이스안마

Relieve fatigue and heal with #ace massage 에이스안마 (Review of therapeutic aroma)

The reason I came to visit ace massage 에이스안마 is that if I focus on my work, my head goes forward as if I’m going into a computer right away, and my neck is so stiff and tired that evening.

Tortoiseshell symptoms..? T.T.

Lately, I’ve been exercising 3-4 times a week in the evening, but after changing academy, I’m doing a very difficult workout. So my body suffers from muscle pain every day.

Yesterday, the weather was raining, so I felt even more wrinkled.

“At a time like this, I should go get a massage!”

I visited because there is a place that does massage properly at Seolleung Station.

My name is ace massage 에이스안마

​Exit 5 or 6 of Seolleung Station (Line 2).

(There is an escalator only at Exit 5 -> Exit 5 is recommended)

Go out and enter the ace massage 에이스안마 main building between exits 5 and 6.

When you go up to the 3rd floor, it is a nationally certified massage center, where ace massage 에이스안마 is written.

Upon entering, I changed into slippers and sanitized my hands and checked my body temperature. It’s raining at 34.9 degrees and it’s cold outside.

So, after taking care of personal quarantine like this, the director gives various explanations.

There are a total of 6 masseuses at Seolleung Station Massage ace massage 에이스안마, all of them with certified masseuse licenses, as well as veterans with more than 10 years of experience!!

​✧ And one thing I learned for the first time!! ✧

These massage parlors can be opened only by those who have obtained a nationally recognized masseuse license after issuing a business license, but most massage parlors say that this is not the case…

Is this the lounge of ace massage 에이스안마? It’s a resting place, and it was serving drinks and refreshments, but it’s temporarily suspended due to Corona.

​ace massage 에이스안마 fee

I decided to get a 60 minute therapeutic aromatherapy treatment!

I’ve been receiving mostly dry massages, but yesterday I was so tired that I craved aroma massage more.

This is the changing room. For dry massage, change into the massage clothes in the changing room, and for aroma massage, change into gowns and sanitary underwear.

And there was a hair tie in the dressing room, so I grabbed one and tied it before the massage.

​”Relieve fatigue and heal with ace massage 에이스안마!”

Come and see the interior more leisurely than your reservation time!

Couples massage room (double room), it would be good to come and get a massage with family or couples! I liked the cozy atmosphere of the double room.

However, I came alone, so unfortunately, I decided to receive it in a single room.

It was nice to be able to receive a massage quietly by myself, because it was not divided into partitions, but because a separate room was provided.

​”Seolleung Station Massage ace massage 에이스안마”

ace massage 에이스안마 therapy aroma review

  1. For a very tired body, I thought that aroma massage was really better than dry. It’s soft and the feeling of relieving fatigue is the best!
  2. He is a skilled masseuse, and every time I touched his hand, he caught my body uncomfortable. Thanks to this, I was able to relieve a little more of the usual pain.
  3. I don’t know the name of the oil product I use, but I liked it because it didn’t have a strong scent or too slippery oil. The scent of lavender oil was very subtle, and it absorbed well into the body, so it was not sticky even after wiping or washing.



Go to Anmaya (address) site

Anmaya (Night Life Information and Night Life Information Community) We will leave an address for the elderly who are looking for a site or address!!!

hello? Anmaya Gangnam Affiliated Multi-Amusement Account Greetings from President Park Tae-hwan.
The Anmaya community mainly provides information on entertainment establishments and massage establishments in the metropolitan area (Gangnam/Gyeonggi region), as well as reviews and reviews of various massage establishments and managers, as well as adult information and entertainment information, which is a place of communication. This is an entertainment information community site.
In the Gangnam area, you can enjoy various privileges such as discounts from affiliates by visiting the 안마야 주소 after making an inquiry.
It is an adult information and entertainment information community site that many people seek because high-quality adult content is abundantly uploaded, and information sharing and communication are active.

Anmaya affiliate Gangnam multi account

For those who are looking for an Anmaya address or site, we have linked 안마야 주소 at the bottom!

For information on entertainment establishments in Gangnam (Seolneung), you can recommend an entertainment establishment with higher satisfaction than other establishments by contacting 안마야, a multi-account in the Gangnam area.
We offer membership system, various discounts, and various events! Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make sure you have a cup of good quality fox and reliable service that is completely different from other establishments.

The above address is 안마야트위터 address (site). We hope that senior citizens can enjoy a high-satisfaction night life by getting various entertainment information they are looking for in 안마야.

Swedish massage. Honest review

Swedish massage

Swedish massage Honest review, massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, Aroma massage, Business trip tie massage, Home tie massage, Spa, Run People magazine, Spa, Thai massage, One-person shop, Swedish home care, Business trip tie massage, Home care, Pipple Go massage, discount! This is 런피플 매거진-Run People Magazine.
Various information can be shared through reviews.
[Massage Type] Massage, tie massage, couple massage, aroma massage, foot massage, spa, suede shima massage, tie massage, aroma massage, business trip tie massage, spa, home tie, business trip tie massage, home massage, home care, business trip tie, fatigue tie, home tie
Choose the area you want, or the area around you, and choose the right massage (tie massage, aroma massage, foot massage) or skin (waxing, skin beauty, skin care), etc
You can easily search for and choose your own businesses to receive benefits and massages.

What is a Swedish massage review?

Swedish massage. Honest review. @ Massage
There are so many Swedish massagereviews. Among them, the reviews in Run People Magazine are apps that provide reviews based on really realistic facts.

There are so many kinds of massage shops such as Ingye-dong Swedish massage, One-person Shop, Swedish massage, Romiro Mimi, Emotional Massage, and Shuul Massage, so there are so many reviews.
And then I’m going to dig into those companies right now.

Review of Sweden

Let’s find out about the Swedish massagereview by region!
Review of Daejeon Sweden
Late Daejeon Sweden – Dermachi, Daejeon
I made a reservation with my colleague’s recommendation
I ran right away, got the manager’s guidance, went to my room, took a shower,
I was looking at my phone and Sehee manager came in~
As soon as I saw manager Sehee,
I loved it so much that I lost my mind.
We said hello and exchanged a few words
I started massaging, and my hands are soft
I started massaging my back with aroma, and I was overwhelmed
I felt like I was relieving my fatigue everywhere
He’s really good at massaging
I think it’s the best.
I was going to extend the time because it was too short
It’s full of reservations, so I decided to come next time
I’m gonna have to get a 60 minute course for my next visit
Manager Sehee’s recommendation. I recommend it again

Songpa Swedish massage Review

Songpa-Swedish massage Review – Songpa Seokchon Station Beauty Sweden
As usual, I met Sunah who can put a phone in a shop in Seokchon-dong
I feel soft conversation and mellow Swedish massage all over my body.
What is different from other places is that the emotional massage and appearance are so good… I think your mind is also properly equipped…
I can know the place by looking at only one teacher. I was so satisfied and played screen golf with my friend.
It’s been a while, but I got a massage again, so I called TWICE in a hurry…
Sam Korea is off work and he recommends the special guest because it is really pretty.
Well, a nice place would be fine for sure.I went to get it right away.
shudder with
I think my Korean is almost 70 percent. TWICE has a sweet face, but I can’t remember…
The massage is also excellent. It’s a harmonious massage between Aroma and Sweden.
The price is 60,000 won per hour.The facilities are also very good.
be handsome and nice……. It’s very cost-effective.
Review of Suwon Sweden
Suwon Swedish massage Review – Suwon sm Therapy
I went to the Swedish massage SM shop in Ingye-dong
I came during the week, but reservations were required!
I got treatment from Bomi. He was good at massaging and it was the best! I think Bomi is the ace!

Review of Cheonan Sweden

Review of Cheonan Swedish City – Cheonan Beauty Therapy
It’s nice to go to a beauty salon thanks to an acquaintance’s recommendation
Why do I need to say that?
Swedish is
I didn’t think it was a massage
It was a massage
It’s my type
Beauty therapy that can catch both rabbits is the best

Gangnam Sweden – 강남안마

Gangnam Sweden – 강남안마 Hermes Sweden & Romi
It was a little past 3 PM yesterday
I made a reservation with Gyuri from Sweden City
It’s been 2 months since I came here. It’s been a while
The director highly recommended it to me Hahaha
Gyuri’s dry clothes are obvious to be beginners,
Still, it was nice to see you working hard.
And I don’t really like strong pressure, so it was okay
But it changes when you start using oil
I can’t explain this in words, but you’ll know when you get it. Haha
I could feel the warmth and the delicate touch
I made a reservation for 90 minutes, but thanks to you, I was satisfied enough.
But I couldn’t talk properly because I was concentrating on oil
I’m going to have more conversations next time.

He has good manners and it was nice to see him work hard
It was a great time in many ways
If you want to see more Vanilla Swedish reviews,
Google, “You can search Run People Magazine.
For more information —->

For those who usually get tie massage, aroma massage, foot massage, and full body massage! Now you can get a high discount and get a massage.Massage, waxing, skin care, and skin care that can be provided with family, friends, and lovers at the lowest price in the country, region
Seoul, Gangnam, Gangnam, Nonhyeon, Nonhyeon, Songpa, Songpa, Suwon, Ingye-dong, Sinchon, Dongdaemun-gu, Yeoksam Station, Nonhyeon-dong, Dangsan Station, Gangseo, Suncheon, Yeosu, Gwangju, Namyangju, Bucheon, Bupyeong, Goyang, Anyang, Masan, Changwon, Jinju, Daegu, Busan, Seomyeon, Songjeong, Gwangri, Gwangri, Gyeonggi-dong, Chungcheongnam-do, Chungdo, Chungcheong-do
Gapyeong, Goyang, Gwacheon, Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi Gwangju, Guri, Gunpo, Gimpo, Namyangju, Dongducheon, Bucheon, Seongnam, Suwon, Siheung, Ansan, Anyang, Yongin, Pyeongtaek, Jeju, Jeju, Jeju, Aroma Massage, Sports Massage, and Massage.

Choose the area you want, or the area around you, and choose the right massage (tie massage, aroma massage, foot massage) or skin (waxing, skin beauty, skin care), etc
You can easily search for and choose your own businesses to receive benefits and massages.

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Finding Swedish massage shops by region in Korea

Swedish Present

The Swedish massage is one of the top 3 massages in the world
It is a widely used healing health massage technique.
In the past, massages in our country were influenced by China, mainly by handwriting therapy of meridian
And gradually, massages in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, were created in Korea
Thai massage is popular.
Massage shops in Asia that use European massage techniques are now available
It’s settled down in large numbers.
Compared to past massages that forcibly release muscles and blood,
It is a massage that can be received smoothly and comfortably because of the low pain.
There are similar massage techniques such as Romiro Mummy Massage, Emotional Massage (therapy), and Sensual).
Next, let’s talk about Romiro Mee.

History of Sweden

A massage from the 20th century has been a painful process in the treatment process, so it’s very effective
Believe it or not, medical results suggest that light massages are more effective for the body
It changed its common sense, and it’s the Swedish that fits this theory
Starting with hospital treatment, local treatment and popularizing to the public
By the middle of 1800, Americans had come to Europe to learn manual therapy, and because of them,
Massage maniacs developed in the United States and Canada, and ironically, they went to Europe
With the reverse export, it has become a representative manual therapy preferred by Westerners today
Since then
It is said that the European style was called Swedish.

Finding Swedish massage shops by region in Korea

We inform you of various benefits such as events and discount information provided by Run People Magazine.

“War of the Night”


“War of the Night”…Prostitution loan sent back for only 10 months

The operator of the nation’s largest prostitution brokerage site, “War of the Night,” known to have joined by about 700,000 people, has been forcibly repatriated from the Philippines to Korea. It’s been 10 months since he was arrested.

The National Police Agency announced on the 22nd that it had forcibly returned A (40s), the operator of “War of the Night,” and B (20s), the other telephone financial fraud master, to Korea on the 22nd.

A is accused of advertising 7,000 prostitution businesses and taking unfair profits of about 17 billion won in the name of advertising expenses while operating four prostitution brokerage sites, including “War of the Night,” from April 2014 to January last year.

The National Police Agency launched an investigation after obtaining intelligence on the “War of the Night” site in 2019. Since then, it has closed four sites and arrested 19 people, including a domestic general manager.

In addition, a total of 2,522 related people, including owners, employees, and sex buyers, were arrested by cracking down on 789 businesses posted on the site.

However, A had already fled to the Philippines in 2016 when his accomplice was arrested for another case. Although the co-operator was arrested in August 2019, he had been on the run.

The National Police Agency applied for redemption from Interpol’s secretary-general to catch A, while also requesting active cooperation from local law enforcement agencies.

The Korean Desk in the Philippines continued to collect intelligence related to A, and succeeded in arresting him in September last year in cooperation with local investigative agencies, although it was difficult to track down due to the worsening COVID-19 situation in the region.

In September last year, the police finally succeeded in catching A after cooperating with local investigative agencies. The Philippine authorities approved the deportation of A last month, and the police dispatched a convoy team to bring him to Korea.

Meanwhile, B, who was repatriated with A, served as a telephone counselor in a telephone financial fraud crime organization in Manila from August 2015 to June 2016. The National Police Agency began international cooperation to arrest B, and after identifying B’s location at the Korean Desk in the Philippines, they arrested him near his residence in cooperation with the immigration office.

While seeking to repatriate the victims, the National Police Agency dispatched a convoy to the Philippine authorities at the end of June and forcibly repatriated the suspects.

“We will continue to repatriate fugitives from overseas through continuous international cooperation with foreign police,” the National Police Agency said.

Source : joongang.co.kr ,


Have a sweet job at Guro Massage Job Search Vanilla Swedish.

Vanilla Swedish

hello. It is Therapy.com that delivers the news of Therapy Job Search. As the sweltering summer approaches, people looking for a job

You are making a more difficult job search. Today, Therapy.com prepared a great job offer for job seekers. Today’s news is Guro Massage Job Search and Vanilla Swedish 런베스트오피 Shop information. Therapy.com will explain in detail what kind of managers the Vanilla Shop, which specializes in massage in Guro, is recruiting. This is job information that is not worth missing out on, so please pay attention and read it.

First, let’s start with the detailed location of the Guro Vanilla Swedish Shop. Vanilla Shop is located in Guro-dong, Guro-gu. The Guro area is a very famous area, so it is a good place for business. Most of all, it is worth noting that the Guro Digital Complex Station is close to the shop, so it is a 2-minute walk from Exit 3 of the Guro Digital Complex Station, near Chocho Station. For managers who often go to work and work, the location near the station is a great advantage. The surrounding area is also great. A large commercial district is formed nearby, and various convenience facilities such as restaurants, restaurants, pubs, and cafes are gathered, and a large floating population is also secured. The correct address is Vanilla Swedish, 448 Dorimcheon-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul.

If you know the location of the Vanilla Swedish Shop that is recruiting for Guro Massage jobs, let’s take a look inside the shop. The Vanilla Shop is an officetel building, so it is a very suitable shop for managers who want to work in a private space. As it is a shop that provides a massage service, a lot of attention has been paid to the interior facilities and interiors, so the inside of the shop gives you a bright feeling when you enter the shop. These days, many people are sensitive to cleanliness and hygiene, so the shop itself is thoroughly managing hygiene and cleanliness, so not only customers who work, but also managers

You can work in a comfortable environment.

ruler! So, let’s find out the details of Guro massage job openings. Vanilla Swedish Shop is recruiting day, night, and permanent workers. Beginners as well as experienced users can apply. Those with experience will of course give preference to experience, and beginners or inexperienced don’t worry! Training is provided for beginners so that there is no difficulty in the shop, so you can quickly and easily adapt to work in a comfortable atmosphere. However, there is one working condition that you should be aware of. Due to the nature of the industry, please refer only to the working conditions that we are recruiting female managers between the ages of 20 and 40.

If you are looking for a job in Guro Massage, you may be wondering about the management office facility, which is the space where you spend the most time than other facilities. As you can see from the photos, the management office facilities boast a neat interior. The atmosphere of the management room is also set in a bright atmosphere rather than a dark one, and it is composed of a more beautiful management room through small props. By using a plastic cover on the management bed, both the guest and the manager can perform more hygienic management.

If you are looking for a job in Guro Massage, you may be wondering about working hours. The vanilla shop is open from 10 am to 5 am. Managers can choose between daytime, nighttime, and permanent residence within business hours, and both working hours and holidays can be adjusted.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably the most curious. That’s the salary. For those who are interested in the Guro Massage job search, it will be difficult to work if the salary is not satisfactory, no matter how good the other working conditions are. You can also expect the salary conditions of the vanilla shop. The salary of the vanilla shop is a percentage system, and you can get paid at a 70% rate. Salary is paid on a daily basis, and due to its good location near the station and the surrounding commercial area, many customers visit the shop, so you can receive a high pay without worrying about the customer.

The Vanilla Swedish Shop in Guro Digital Complex provides priority to the managers and operates the shop, so if you work, you can work without any inconvenience. It is a shop that cares a lot about welfare and consideration for the managers working there, so if you are looking for a job in Guro, we would like to ask for your interest and support.

Fish massage

fish massage

About Fish massage

Welcome to our fish massage.

As if we’re in the deep sea,

Gangnam’s representative massage shop that makes you feel comfortable

This is Gangnam fish massage 피쉬안마.

Thanks to your support,

It’s in business successfully.

Anytime, anywhere, with anyone, any day

The Gangnam fish massage massage supports your happiness.

Opening hours are from 00:00 to 00:00 without closing

It’s open indefinitely.

There is a lot of luxury these days.

SNS, Instagram, Facebook, websites without domains

Street solicitation, and so on the street, etc

It’s not our fish massage massage.

Make sure to check it out and feel the real fish massages!

fish massage therapy

​fish massages massage shop service

01 / Valet & Pickup
02 / Sleeping room. a break room
03 / Special Service


Our Gangnam fish massage massage massage is open as a rule of operating a reservation system.

Not only reservations, but also course selection and service requests are all through the counseling center

I’m operating it. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything.

It’s not just for reservation, so even if you have any questions,

If you contact me, I will do my best to help you with your kind explanation.


business hours

Gangnam-gu, Seoul

​fish massage Massage Shop

​Free pickup available in Gangnam area.

Weekdays: 0:00am-24:00pm
Weekend: 0:00am-24:00pm

*365 days 24/7

Location Location

Gangnam fish massage massage

It is located at Gangnam-gu Office Station in Nonhyeon (Yeoksam)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

If you contact the counseling center for more information

As soon as we make a reservation, we are sending you the detailed address and location via text message.

Please make sure to use the counseling center as it’s a reservation system.