Gangnam King anma (강남 킹안마)

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GangnamCoupleMassage Unique Date Gangnam King anma (강남 킹안마), a heartfelt treatment great!!

Gangnam King anma (강남 킹안마), a shop specializing in Gangnam couples massage, said that the therapists from the hotel are taking care of them from one to ten, and they are also doing special care such as herbal ball, whole body oil body care, and detox therapy.

According to the explanation of the Gangnam Couple Massage official, “As a representative of Korea, the mass media is also paying attention as a casual Gangnam massage brand. In addition, it is an eco-friendly spa that delivers sincere devotion to each and every customer so that celebrities such as well-known broadcasters, actors, singers, and sports stars come often,” the official emphasized once again.

Gangnam King anma (강남 킹안마) said that it is most suitable for those who need systematic health management due to irregular life. .

Currently, as a Christmas event in progress, the Christmas Solo Event Traditional Thai Food Management KRW 56,000, Thai Herb Ball Management KRW 78,000, and Deep Tissue Aroma Therapy KRW 89,000 are offered. Natural organic organic oil Whole body couple care (90 minutes) 150,000 won, Romantic royal couple therapy (120 minutes) 180,000 won An unconventional discount price means that the management is as delicate as a VIP.

Gangnam King anma (강남 킹안마), who is also running an early bird half price discount event, said that for groups of 4 or more during the year-end and New Year holidays, a 10% discount on all menu items, cash/card is the same, and up to 10 people can manage it at the same time.

Gangnam Couple Massage Gangnam King anma (강남 킹안마) conveyed the meaning that it is the philosophy of natural Gangnam massage to prepare an indoor environment so that you can always relax in a refreshing and comfortable space, and even treat you as a VIP with the heartfelt treatment of a well-trained professional therapist. Linda repeatedly emphasized and conveyed the meaning.

He also added, “On weekends, a lot of people visit to enjoy couples and unique dates, so reservations are always essential.”