The King Massage

The King Massage

king massage at Gangnam Station, which specializes in pain management and hand therapy

Recently, many people complain of modern diseases such as turtle neck, pelvic twist, and back pain due to frequent smartphone use and long-term sitting life. It is important to manage these pain early on.

Gangnam massage shop “강남킹안마” is a 1:1 customized body type management center that takes care of the twisted body balance in the right direction along with the coolness and freshness of the body. Among a total of three programs, intensive therapy, balance therapy, and top balance therapy, you can choose according to your body condition and desired parts.

According to King Massage, intensive therapy is good for those who want intensive massage in specific areas such as neck, waist, and pelvis. The overall imbalance and pain can be grasped through balance therapy. For those who feel an hour short due to their chronic body, intensive therapy, balance therapy, and top balance therapy are recommended. A customer who visited “King Massage” said, “I’ve been to several massage shops, but there’s no place like this,” adding, “I was able to feel the change in my body even while being cared for by explaining carefully from head to toe for 60 minutes.”

In a re-visit rate survey conducted by “King Massage” on the third anniversary of its opening, the re-visit rate was 81%, the highest in the industry. An official from “King Massage” said, “I feel proud and grateful to be recognized as a trusted and revisited company,” adding, “We will continue to do our best to refresh our customers’ mornings.”

King Massage, which specializes in pain massage, is located 5 minutes’ walk from Gangnam Station. Business hours are open 24 hours a day and are open on a reservation basis.